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The FACTS® Framework is a unique business tool powered by Trust Across America’s (TAA) Fides™ software, the goddess of trust in Roman mythology. It allows TAA to generate reports measuring the trustworthiness of over 2000 public companies, across five financial and nonfinancial quantitative drivers of trust, and provides industry and sector comparisons and benchmarking capabilities. The five quantitative drivers, covering over 100 data points are:

Financial stability and strength
Accounting conservativeness
Corporate governance

To view the full list of companies in our current database, please click here:

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Our quantitative metrics, and full objectivity, set a standard for measuring trustworthy business behavior. Our Fides rankings are updated quarterly. TAA’s proprietary research confirms that the most trustworthy companies provide long-term enhanced benefits to all stakeholders, including shareholders.

How Can our Reports Help You?

Companies and Boards of Directors

The FACTS® Framework provides a unique trust profile to aid in capitalizing on strengths, identifying risks and drawing peer comparisons.

Insurance Companies

The FACTS® Framework provides reputation risk data for individual companies, industries and sectors.

Industry Associations & Trade Groups

The FACTS® Framework provides market intelligence on individual industries and their members.


Whether your specialty is leadership, communications, risk, forensic accounting, reputation, governance, sustainability, ESG or trust, our FACTS® Framework reports provide market intelligence for current assignments and prospecting new business.


TAA can provide information to help report on most trustworthy companies instead of the "crisis of the day."

Endorsements for the FACTS® Framework

"I find Trust Across America's profiles highly informative. What struck me most was the ability to grasp quickly where a company is in info-graphical form. The visual representation lets the whole brain understand how well a company is doing, where it has significant opportunity for improvement and where it is leading the industry. And the rankings across industries demonstrate why trust has such an influence on stock price, theirs and business in general. Excellent interpretation of very powerful information."

Carol Sanford, Author, The Responsible Business and CEO, InterOctave Global Consultancy

"I like the philosophy, methodology, and presentation."

Chris Laszlo, Ph.D.
Managing Partner,
Associate Professor, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

"I have found your corporate trust assessments very interesting and informative. This is fantastic information and very helpful- something companies should be focused on."

John Spence, Corporate Leadership Consultant

"TAA's clear and concise dashboard summary provides management with an understanding of where their company currently ranks according to 5 drivers of trust, relative to its peer group and by both sector and market cap. This provides the starting point for a company to focus on trust and to chart a course for business sustainability."

Hank Boerner Chairman
Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc.



Trust Rank for a single company compared to the universe of companies (one page).

Cost: $29.00


Trust Rank and one dashboard of sub scores for a single company compared to the universe of companies, including the highest ranked company in the sector (10 pages)

Cost: $249.00
(Fee will be applied if upgrade to intermediate report is requested)

Intermediate: Basic Report+

Sector/industry dashboard comparison
Market capitalization dashboard comparison
Additional market intelligence including company Key Strengths and Weaknesses
General recommendations
(19 pages)

Cost: $1,499.00

Advanced Quarterly Reports

An annual subscription consisting of intermediate reports provided every calendar quarter.

Cost: $4,500.00

Customized and Benchmarking Reports

Benchmark the company and up to 10 named peers through a deeper dive into the FACTS ratings and comparisons of strengths and weaknesses.

For more detailed information or questions on our reports, please contact Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director Trust Across America via email:

Reports can be paid as follows:

  1. Credit Card or PayPal
  2. Check
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