Top Thought Leaders in Trust: 2025

A unique annual award recognizing those whose work impacts the advancement of organizational trust around the world.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 14th annual Top Thought Leaders

This year the recognition will be given to ten global leaders who have made significant contributions to the subject of organizational trust in the past year, and were not recognized last January. Please access our 2024 list.

Each year our global honorees hail from the public and private sectors including authors, leaders, consultants, researchers and academics.

We are discontinuing our Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I self nominate?
A: Yes, many of our nominees do!

Q: Is this program limited to US nominees only?
A: No, in fact we encourage global participation.

Q: How are honorees selected?
A: We retain a panel of independent judges to review applications and make the selections. Every year the panel changes to remove any potential judging bias.

Q: If I am a member of the Trust Alliance, do I increase my chances of being selected?
A: No, our Top Thought Leaders program began three years before our Alliance was formed. Normally, less than 25% of our Top Thought Leaders are also Alliance members.

Q: Are Alliance members automatically nominated?
A: No, this program is run independently. Any Alliance member wishing to participate must apply.

Q: Can I be named to the list without being nominated?
A: Probably not. While we perform some independent research, we receive hundreds of outstanding nominations each year, and will only consider those who complete the nomination process.

Q: If I have been named in the past, must I reapply again?
A: Yes, you must reapply every year. However, if you have received a Lifetime Achievement Award, there is no need to apply.

Q: How will I be notified if I am selected?
A: The 2023 awards were officially announced in the winter issue of TRUST! Magazine. We intend to do this annually. Recipients will be notified once the magazine is published.

Q: Why do you charge a $99.00 nomination fee?
A: This fee allows us to offset expenses to administer this time-intensive program and to publicize the honorees throughout the year.

2025 Honorees will Receive

Coverage in the January 2025 issue of TRUST! Magazine and other potential opportunities throughout the year.

Long-term Benefits for Honorees

A note from our CEO about the value of receiving this honor:

Being recognized in a prestigious competition provides honorees with a seal of excellence that cannot be duplicated through other forms of media exposure.

Trust is considered by many to be the issue of the decade. As the leading global program for thought leadership on organizational trust, Trust Across America - Trust Around the World's global presence and recognition continues to grow.

Now entering its fourteenth year, our Top Thought Leaders in Trust program is recognized throughout the world. We maintain the #1 search engine ranking for "top thought leaders" and "trustworthy business" drawing more visitors annually to our website than almost any other page; and as our web presence continues to expand so does the exposure for our honorees.

We are regularly contacted by organizations seeking honoree information for speaking engagements and other work. Honorees have reported that the recognition has not only elevated their professional standing and brought them new business.

Immediate benefits are:

We hope you see value in joining this elite group of experts as a 2024 Top Thought Leaders in Trust.

Barbara Brooks Kimmel, CEO

The nomination period will close on December 15, 2024. Honorees will be announced in January 2025.


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