AIM Towards Trust

An anonymous, powerful, and easily administered trust diagnostic for leaders, teams and organizations in any industry of any size

Establish YOUR team's trust "baseline" and quickly identify primary trust gaps

AIM the "How-to"

AIM the "Details"

Designed to help leaders, teams and/or organizations determine their trust "baseline" and identify leading trust gaps. A one-minute, one-question anonymous survey/quiz is administered by Trust Across America to team members in organizations of any size, and in any industry. The survey is based on twelve universal trust principles (TAP) developed over the course of one year by leading organizational trust scholars and practitioners who comprise our global Trust Alliance.

Phase I was introduced in April 2018 and has attracted over 50,000 global professionals.

Phase II polls participants to identify the weakest trust principles within their team or organization. The survey can be administered to multiple teams within the same organization and/or to all employees for comparison to individual team responses.

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