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A Quantitative, Unbiased and Holistic Approach to Analyzing Public Companies

Developed in 2008, FACTS® unique methodology ranks and rates public companies on five quantitative indicators of trustworthy business behavior. Companies that adopt trust as an intentional business strategy reap the following benefits:

FACTS - High Trust Company

FACTS® Ratings Universe & Methodology:

FACTS rates and ranks almost 2000 of the largest US public companies on the five indicators of trust "worthiness" shown above: Financial stability, Accounting Conservativeness, Corporate governance, Transparency and Sustainability.

Quantitative data is acquired from proprietary and independent third party data providers and combined into one rating, equally weighting the model's five indicators.

Companies do not participate in this rating process, nor do they know they are being evaluated. This precludes any survey bias.

By combining the five indicators into an aggregate "trust" score, a ranking and rating can be assigned to each company, on a one-year, three-year or five-year basis. Ratings range from 0-100.

The FACTS® Framework and Ratings are Used By:

Companies and Boards of Directors: The FACTS® Framework provides the C-Suite and its Board with a unique trust profile to aid in capitalizing on strengths, identifying risks and drawing peer comparisons.

Investor Relations: The FACTS® Framework provides both internal and external investor relations and corporate communications executives with a unique trust profile to aid in capitalizing on strengths, identifying risks, drawing peer comparisons and communicating with stakeholders.

Consultants: Consultants from leadership, communications, risk, forensic accounting, reputation, governance, human resources, sustainability, ESG or trust, use our FACTS® Ratings to provide market intelligence for current assignments and prospecting new business. Our FACTS Framework can also be used as a tool to assist clients in structuring a trust elevating program.

Industry Associations & Trade Groups: The FACTS® Framework provides market intelligence on industries and their individual member companies.

Individual Investors: Trust Across America and its parent company, Next Decade, Inc. do not manage money. Individuals have access to the FACTS model through investment firms that license the model.

Investment Managers & Advisors: Investment managers license FACTS data for use in developing investment products and portfolios.

Media: The media uses FACTS® ratings to help foster organizational trust by reporting on positive and compelling stories that a growing consumer audience wants to hear, and by focusing on emerging topics receiving increased main stream media attention.

FACTS Investor Ratings Examples

Top Performer 2015:

Company: Adobe Systems
Rating: 73
Fast Facts®: The Company shows year-over-year improvements in its aggregate trust score for the past five years. Adobe scores the highest in the computer & technology sector of all S&P 500 companies rated in our model for 2015. The lowest trust score in the sector is 38.

Laggard 2015:

Company: Wynn Resorts
Rating: 31
Fast Facts: The Company shows a year-over-year significant decline in one of our five trust indicators over the past five years. Wynn scores the lowest in the consumer discretionary sector of all S&P 500 companies rated in our model for 2015. The highest trust score in the sector is 70.

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