Trust Workshops

Workshops are offered by Trust Across America-Trust Around the World and also by vetted members of our Trust Alliance.

The list is arranged chronologically as new workshops are added. For more detailed information on each of these workshops, or to bring them into your organization, please email:

Please check back regularly for workshop updates.

Workshops as of March 20, 2019

Building Trust One Principle at a Time
Contact us for details and pricing on this proprietary offering.
How to be a Trusted Advisor
A 1/2 day program to increase the level of trust between advisors and their clients/customers. In addition to classic advisory roles (accountants, consultants, financial planners), it is aimed at internal staff functions and other roles requiring influence without authority. Available to groups of 15+ only.
Trust, Culture & Compliance
Executive Briefing: A custom workshop tailored for your senior management team to create a common understanding of the latest trends in organizational compliance and culture, including the risk management system employed by leading companies to support a strong culture of trust and accountability. Our "Ripped from the Headlines" discussion and e-voting technology will create a dynamic, fun & thought-provoking conversation that will allow the senior management team to assess your company's standing against that of leading companies that have best-in-class compliance and culture in place to safeguard their reputations and licenses to operate in a rapidly evolving corporate landscape with increasing legal and regulatory challenges. A great first step in creating a consistent "tone at the top" valued by regulators and prosecutors.
Trust, Culture & Compliance II
Not Your Father's Board Training: Every effective compliance program and organizational culture of trust starts with the Board, which has the duty of overseeing their company's compliance and culture. The Board is tasked under the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines to be "knowledgeable" about the content and operation of their company's compliance and ethics program and to "exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of the compliance and ethics program." This is a modern half-day "Not Your Father's Board Training" to ensure your Board understands its oversight duties for compliance and culture and has in place a practical oversight plan designed to discharge those responsibilities.