Top Thought Leaders in Trust:
2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

The complete list of 2019 honorees and other organizational trust resources can be accessed in the

Winter 2019 Issue of TRUST! Magazine

  • Bart Alexander (Alexander & Associates) Bart works with senior leaders, teams and organizations to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability into their purpose, strategy and culture.
  • Richard Fagerlin (Peak Solutions, Inc.) Richard's role in leadership development assists companies in investing in their greatest asset, their people.
  • Ellen Hunt (AARP) Ellen is Senior Vice President, Audit, Ethics & Compliance Officer at AARP. She has extensive management experience in designing, implementing and operating ethics and compliance programs.
  • Michael Josephson (Josephson Institute) An internationally renowned champion of character education for youth and ethical conduct in business, government, policing, journalism, sports, healthcare and law.
  • Deb Mills-Scofield (Mills-Scofield) Deb has made trust & integrity core to her career since the start at Bell Labs, through AT&T & in her consulting with clients, asking them to match 10% of her fee to improve others lives and working with them to exemplify trust with each other and their employees to create a collaborative culture that succeeds.